Which billing solution with Tarif 590 should I choose as an ASCA therapist?

Published on 14/06/2024

Which billing solution with Tarif 590 should I choose as an ASCA therapist?

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Being a therapist is no walk in the park! You often juggle between many tasks, from patient care to business management. Whether you’re ASCA, RME or member of any other association, billing now has to go through Tarif 590. So what if we told you for that simplified billing solutions exists leaving you time to do what you do best: helping your patients. Find out how to choose the right Tarif 590 billing solution in this article.


How to bill efficiently at Tarif 590

Since January 1, 2022, using software with the Tarif 590 billing standard is mendatory to create invoices. The dedicated Tarif 590 billing form, is no longer updated and should no longer be used!

If you’re starting out as an independent therapist, or if you’d like to change your billing solution, there are various options available to you at different prices. That’s why it’s essential to know what you need, so you can make the best possible comparison. But don’t panic, we’ve got some advice for you.


How to choose the right invoicing solution for therapists?

To help you choose the right T590 invoicing software, we’ve put together 5 key questions to consider.


1. Is the billing solution easy to use?

The most important point when choosing a solution! Invoicing shouldn’t add to your workload, so we advise you to look for a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution. With OneDoc, for example, you can easily find the right Tarif simply by searching for the service you offer. What’s more, we’ve prepared a correspondences table between Tarif 590 and the ASCA method to help you see things more clearly!

Please also note that as of September 30, 2022, a QR code is mandatory on all Tarif 590 invoices. Make sure your solution allows you to easily generate an invoice with a QR code.


2. Does the solution offer updates, especially concerning the Tarif 590?

One of the reasons why it is now mandatory to use a billing solution for Tarif 590 is to avoid errors when Tarif codes change on January 1st of each year.

For example, some Tarifs have been added to the latest changes. If some software packages offer automated updates, make sure you’re using the latest version available. If not, install the update manually.

If you opt for an online solution, the software should update itself automatically.


3. Is the data security guaranteed?

Your patients’ data is sensitive, and according to the nLPD, it must benefit from the highest standards of security. To comply with the law, we advise you to opt for software that guarantees data security and secure billing at Tarif 590.


4. Does the solution have bonus feature?

The first three points cover the essential functions of Tarif 590 billing solutions. While some software packages simply fulfil this function, others offer more options to make your job easier.

The more features your solution offers, the less you’ll have to juggle between different solutions. Two levels of software solutions can be distinguished here:


Level 1 – Comprehensive billing solution

Your software also enables you to keep track of current invoices, send reminders when necessary, and keep an overview of your business. All these options are included in the OneDoc basic package for therapists.


Level 2 – Multifunction solution

In addition to the Level 1 features, a multifunctional software package gives you the opportunity to centralize your activity on it. For example, OneDoc offers online appointment booking, search engine visibility and other features such as video consultation. This allows you to manage your entire practice from one place!


5. How much does it costs?

Now comes the touchy question of the price! Here, it’s up to you to determine which features you need and how much you’re willing to invest to simplify your daily life as a therapist and develop your business. Here you should take into account how much extra revenue you’ll be able to generate by facilitating the billing process.



I’m an ASCA member, which billing solution is best suited to my business?

All the solutions that address the points raised above are suitable for your business. However, as an ASCA member you can benefit from a special offer by subscribing to OneDoc!


Get your special offer!

Whether you are ASCA certified, or with another association like RME, choosing the right Tarif 590 billing solution is an important step in your journey as a therapist. With increasingly strict compliance requirements and the need to simplify administrative processes, choosing the right solution becomes key.

In short, look for a solution that’s easy to use, regularly updated (automatically if possible), offers optimum data security, and has additional features to help you manage your day-to-day business easily!



  • FAQ – Questions et réponses sur le Tarif 590 et la norme de facturation de médecine complémentaire – Equipe des assureurs et organisations professionnelles du groupe de travail de médecine complémentaire
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