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Online appointment booking and referrals for medical centers

Optimize the daily administrative tasks of your team and improve the paths of your patients.


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Les hôpitaux utilisent OneDoc pro
Plus de 7'500 professionnels de santé en suisse utilisent OneDoc Pro

OneDoc Pro simplifie le quotidien de plus de 7’500 professionnels et centres médicaux en Suisse! 🇨🇭

OneDoc Pro offers a complete range of tools to optimize your medical center’s activity and exchanges with your patients.

With OneDoc Pro, you save our teams precious time, thanks to our many features: online booking, referral, appointment reminders, and much more!

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General practitioner OneDoc Pro

Optimize your schedule without changing your habits with our solution for medical centers

Optimize your schedule without changing your habits with our solution for medical centers

Online booking module OneDoc Pro

Online Booking

Offer your patients autonomy by enabling them to book their appointments directly on 24/7.

  • Online medical appointment booking by the patient 24/7
  • Customize consultation slots and appointment types to suit your medical center's needs
  • Appointments show up directly on your management software
  • Appointment reminders sent by SMS
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Interoperability and synchronization with medical softwares


Don't change your work habits and centralize your hospital management by taking advantage of synchronization between OneDoc and your management system.

  • Continue to use the software you’re using every day
  • Keep your work habits
  • Synchronize the appointments booked online with your software
  • No double data entry
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Partner referal module on OneDoc Pro


Create an addressing network within your hospital and manage patient flows from one department to another simply and efficiently.

  • Quickly find specialists in your network
  • Book appointments in your colleagues' agenda in just a few clicks
  • Securely transmit important patient information
  • Redirect your patients to the right service for an optimized, simplified patient journey
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Video consultation module OneDoc Pro


Improve patient management and care continuity with our video consultation module.

  • Secure streaming solution in Switzerland
  • Higher level of data protection than Zoom or Teams
  • Easy-to-use interface from any device, no installation is required
  • Ideal for patient follow-up while keeping control over the organization
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Online visibility OneDoc Pro


Boost your online visibility by communicating all the important information about your practice to your patients.

  • Health professionals and medical center page all referenced on
  • Customizable profile (business description, photos, etc.)
  • Compatible with your Google Business Profile
  • Optimal referencing on search engines like Google
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Automatic appointmen reminders via sms and email on OneDoc Pro

Automatic appointment reminders

Enhanced automatic appointment reminders with OneDoc!

  • Appointment reminders sent by SMS
  • Message customization and easy setup
  • No-show reduction by 75%
  • Simplified follow-up appointment reminders for your patients
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Swiss excellence in data protection

Personal data stored on OneDoc belongs exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients. This information is stored securely and encrypted on servers in Switzerland, in strict compliance with the most rigorous standards and the nFADP. OneDoc is ISO 27001 and DPCO certified, and we are proud to be labeled “Swiss made software, hosted in Switzerland”.

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Swiss excellence in data protection and security with OneDoc
Qualified and dedicated customer service

Qualified and dedicated customer service

Benefit from personalized support when setting up OneDoc Pro in your medical center. Our specialists will train your teams on our tools and take into account the specific needs of your practice to ensure a smooth installation. Our solutions are continuously improved, ensuring that you benefit from our latest updates. Should you have any questions, our support team is always available by phone or email.

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Synchronize your data between OneDoc Pro and your management software

You may already be using software such as MediOnline, Mediway or Axenita to manage your center. OneDoc Pro is compatible with over 30 Swiss softwares to ensure automatic synchronization of appointments booked online. If you’re using a customized solution, our team will be happy to discuss integration options with you so that you can maintain your existing workflows. Our goal is to simplify your workflow so you never have to enter information twice.

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OneDoc synchronizes with over 30 swiss medical softwares

Frequently asked questions for medical centers and other healthcare institutions

About OneDoc

Over 7,500 professionals and medical centers already use OneDoc Pro on a daily basis. Online appointment booking means less time spent on administration and more time devoted to your core business: care, whatever the specifics of your medical center. See other specialties.

Yes, we can create access for your team members on request. These accesses can be limited or complete, depending on your needs.

With over 2.5 million verified user accounts, your patients are probably already using OneDoc to book their medical appointments 24/7, wherever they are.

With a OneDoc Pro subscription, you’ll benefit from many features, including online appointment booking, teleconsultation, a partner referral system, and much more. Discover our solutions.

Yes, you can easily customize your appointment types so that only your existing patients can book appointments online. This allows you to offer your patients greater convenience while enjoying the many other benefits of OneDoc.

Yes, you can choose which appointments can be booked online and their length.

You can also determine whether certain appointment types can only be booked by your existing patients

Your patients’ appointments are automatically added to your calendar. You can then move them, change their type or cancel them if you wish.

The name of your OneDoc Pro account must be in the name of the person in charge of the care. The name of the place where the care is provided can not be the name of the account. This will enable synchronization with your practice management software and allow appointments to be added to the relevant professional’s agenda. However, your establishment will also have a dedicated page on to allow for optimal search engine referencing. This page will link to all the other professionals in the center who have a OneDoc account.

In order to configure and personalize your account according to your needs, our teams will create a OneDoc Pro account for you. Once the account has been created and your training has been completed, you’ll be able to take full advantage of OneDoc Pro!

It is essential to have a right to practice in Switzerland (GLN or RCC number) in order to subscribe to OneDoc Pro. A recognized diploma, authorization or diploma recognition is required before you can subscribe to OneDoc Pro and benefit from its functionalities for healthcare professionals.

In order to subscribe to OneDoc Pro, including our video-consultation module, you must have a right to practice in Switzerland (GLN or RCC number). You must also have a practice address in Switzerland. Without this, you can’t subscribe to our video consultation tool.

OneDoc allows patients to search for a healthcare professional by specialty and location. The most relevant results are then randomized to ensure a level playing field.

There are no capital ties of any kind to influence referencing. To find out more, please read our rules for referencing.

Installation and security

No need to install anything, our system is 100% online to ensure that all healthcare professionals can use it from any device with an Internet connection. Our team will take care of the set-up so you can benefit from our solution quickly.
If you are using one of our synchronized medical softwares, the set-up duration may vary.

OneDoc Pro is synchronized with numerous management softwares used by healthcare professionals throughout Switzerland! See the full list of all our connectors.

If your solution isn’t listed, our team will be happy to discuss the potential integration of OneDoc Pro’s online booking solution with your software.

OneDoc is ISO 27001 and DPCO certified, and therefore meets the rigorous data protection standards set by these institutions. All our data is encrypted and stored in Switzerland.


At OneDoc, we understand that the healthcare sector encompasses many different specialties and needs. That’s why we offer several packages to suit your practice. Please contact our team to find out more.