Benefit from a simplified referral system

Save time and simplify your patients’ care with the OneDoc referral system.


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Benefit from a large network of healthcare professionals with OneDoc
More than 7,500 healthcare professionals in Switzerland use OneDoc

OneDoc simplifies everyday life for over 7,500 healthcare professionals in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Referring your patients to the right professional is not always an easy task. The multitude of specialists and patient needs can make the task complex. The OneDoc referral system enables you to find the right healthcare professional close to your patients.

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OneDoc is also available on mobile for both healthcare professionals and patients.
Simplified patient journey thanks to OneDoc referral system

Benefit from simplified communication between medical practices

  • The referral module lets you refer your patients to a pre-selected healthcare professional or facility.
  • Do your colleagues not yet have OneDoc? No problem, you can create a list of healthcare professionals to whom you’d like to refer your patients, even if they don’t have OneDoc.
  • If you work in a medical center, you can use this feature to directly redirect your patients to other members of your team.

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Receive transfers simply and directly in your calendar

  • Receive transfers from your colleagues for services you can provide.
  • As a healthcare institution, you can expand your business by easily collaborating with GPs or other specialists who need to have tests carried out on their patients.
  • You receive appointments directly in your medical practice management software.

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Receive addressing-requests in your agenda with OneDoc's referral module
Simplified patient Journey with the referral system on OneDoc Pro

Simplify patient care

  • Whether your patient needs to see a specialist for his or her condition, or to have a blood test, the referral module enables you to make an appointment with the right healthcare professional.
  • You can book your patient’s next appointment with a specialist or medical center directly after your consultation. This makes life easier for your patient, and ensures that he or she is in good hands.
  • The referral module lets you search for a healthcare professional by location, enabling you to find a specialist close to your patient.

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Benefit from the highest standards of data security and confidentiality

  • OneDoc is ISO 27001 and DPCO certified, guaranteeing compliance with the highest data protection standards.
  • All the professionals available on OneDoc are verified and recognized, ensuring the highest level of trust.
  • Your patients’ health data is encrypted from end to end. Just as all our users’ personal data is not, and never will be, for sale.

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Swiss excellence in data protection and security with OneDoc

Frequently asked questions about OneDoc referral system


The referral system can be seen as a search engine that enables you to find the right healthcare professional or facility to treat your patients.

You can then directly book an appointment in the slots proposed by the healthcare professional or facility. The appointment will be added to the professional’s diary.

Yes, you can decide to accept or cancel appointments. What’s more, only the healthcare professionals to whom you have chosen to be addressable will send you requests.

With OneDoc, you benefit from a host of modern features, including

  • Online appointment booking
  • Video consultation
  • Increased visibility
  • Emergency management module
  • Tarif 590 billing module for therapists

OneDoc allows patients to search for a healthcare professional by specialty and location. The most relevant results are then randomized to ensure a level playing field.

There are no capital ties of any kind to influence referencing. To find out more, please read our rules for referencing.

Installation and security

No need to install anything, our system is 100% online to ensure you can use it from any device with an Internet connection.

OneDoc is ISO 27001 and DPCO certified, and therefore meets the rigorous data protection standards set by these institutions. All our data is encrypted and stored in Switzerland.


The referral system is included in all OneDoc subscriptions. Please contact our team to find out more.