How does the online appointment booking with OneDoc work?

Published on 19/02/2024

How does online appointment booking work with OneDoc

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In Switzerland, patient expectations have changed considerably in recent years. In order to meet these requirements, many healthcare professionals have introduced online appointments. Although this type of appointment booking is a supplement to traditional appointment booking, it still offers healthcare professionals numerous advantages. In this article, we will focus on the main features of the OneDoc platform, such as its benefits and compatible practice software.


How does it work?

OneDoc is a digital platform for booking medical appointments that lists the majority of healthcare professionals in Switzerland. This includes doctors, pharmacists and therapists under Tarif 590, covering a total of 200 medical specialities!

On, patients can 1) easily search for an available healthcare professional in their area. On our platform, they can also 2) see their availability and finally 3) make an appointment with just a few clicks thanks to the agenda linked to the doctor’s surgery. As a result, they can manage their appointments themselves from the platform. By making appointments online, the practice’s telephone secretariat remains available for emergencies or cases requiring special care.


Advantages for healthcare professionals

Making appointments online with OneDoc offers doctors numerous advantages, such as:


  • Simplify administration: Reduce the time you spend on administration by 30%
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments by more than 75% with automatic reminders
  • Improve and control your online presence: OneDoc helps you make it easy for patients to find you and your practice online, while improving your Google ranking
  • Keep control of your appointment diary, easily accessible from your smartphone thanks to our mobile app, by entering your absences and free times.


The solutions offered by OneDoc

Doctors and healthcare professionals who opt for OneDoc appointment scheduling have access to several tools:


  • Online appointments made by patients for a physical or video consultation. These can be fully customised to your needs: Duration, reasons, acceptance or rejection of new patients, etc;
  • Profile of the doctor and practice on;
  • Networked appointment diary that is easily accessible via your smartphone and connects directly to the practice software;
  • Video consultation module included;
  • Appointment reminder by e-mail and SMS for patients;
  • Appointment booking widget that can be installed on the practice website;
  • Synchronisation with the practice software.


Software from practice partners

OneDoc works perfectly with most of the medical software programmes used in Switzerland. Thanks to synchronisation of the OneDoc appointment calendar with the software used, the data is retained. This is because all information about patients’ appointments is automatically integrated into the practice’s existing medical records. This means that the medical team can maintain their habits by continuing to access their practice software.


The software partners include:



Security and data protection

Data protection is a top priority at OneDoc. For this reason, doctor-patient confidentiality is maintained during synchronisation between OneDoc and medical software: only patients and their doctors have access to this confidential information! If you would like to learn more about this topic, we invite you to read more articles in our blog, for example about data protection.


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