Physiotherapy recruitment: tips for growing your practice

Published on 29/05/2024

Physiotherapy recruitment tips

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In the field of physiotherapy, strategic recruitment and ongoing development are essential.  They ensure long-term growth and profitability of your business. The increasing demand for physiotherapy services in Switzerland, combined with a competitive market, makes it imperative for physiotherapy practices to adopt innovative approaches.  If you want to attract talents and stand out from the competition, this article is made for you.


Recruiting talented employees

Recruiting the right people is more than just a formality. It’s a crucial element in determining a physiotherapy practice’s long-term success. To stand out in a competitive environment, it’s imperative to understand the changing needs of the market and build an employer brand that attracts and retains the best talent.


Understanding the market for to recruit the right talents

Before you even start looking for candidates, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of the market’s needs. What are the emerging trends in healthcare and physiotherapy? Which care are patients searching for? For example, some practices offer services beyond physiotherapy, such as sports preparation, nutrition and fitness. It can therefore be interesting to find a variety of complementary profiles for your practice.


Leveraging a strong employer brand when recruiting

In a market where competition for the best talent is fierce, it’s essential to stand out as an employer. Developing a strong, attractive employer brand is therefore essential. In other words, the image you convey, both internally and externally, must be appealing. Beyond the salary and social benefits, it’s important to consider the culture of your physiotherapy practice. What is the atmosphere in your practice, and what culture do you want to emphasize? By building a strong brand image, you’ll attract not only talent, but also passionate people who share your vision and values.


Find your talent wherever they are

Once you have a clear vision of the market’s needs and your employer’s brand is in place, it’s time to take action! This means choosing the most relevant recruitment channels. You can start by using professional platforms such as or We also recommend more traditional platforms, such as Jobup or Indeeed. Finally, take advantage of the free tools at your disposal: don’t hesitate to share your open positions on your website and social networks. In this respect, LinkedIn is very useful, allowing you to create job offer in just a few clicks.


Employee integration and development

You’ve done it! You’ve found the perfect match to build your team. This first step is crucial, but to ensure the long-term success of your physiotherapy practice, it’s just as important to integrate and support them in their professional development.


Ongoing training for your talent

Investing in ongoing training for your team is essential to maintaining high standards of quality and expertise. Offer training programs tailored to different skill levels, and encourage your employees to continue learning throughout their careers. A well-trained team not only performs better, but is also more motivated and committed.


Involve your team every step of the way

Your team is the pillar of your practice. They are often in direct contact with your patients and have valuable expertise to improve your services. To make the most of their potential, it’s essential to involve them actively in the life and development of the practice. By fostering a culture where they can suggest improvements and where their ideas are valued and taken into account, you create an innovative environment. When your employees feel heard and valued, they are more invested in their work and more motivated to contribute to the center’s growth and success. By placing them at the heart of your development strategy, you not only strengthen the cohesion of your team, but also stimulate creativity and commitment, propelling your physiotherapy center to new heights of success.


Simplify your physiotherapy team’s lives with digital tools

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the physiotherapy sector, but investing in digital tools isn’t just about cost-efficiency: it’s also a great way to make life easier for your teams, enabling them to focus on what they do best – patient care!


The essential tool for physiotherapy practices: management software

Management software such as PhysioApp or MediOnline enables your team to centralize their schedules in one place, giving them access to an online agenda. Management softwares are a real help with administrative tasks and helps your team get rid of paperwork for example thanks to digital patient files.


Online appointment booking – a benefit for your practice and your patients

You can combine your practice management software with online appointment scheduling. All appointments are automatically displayed in your software. This allows you to simplify the work of your medical secretaries and win new patients. For example, almost a third of all Physio 7 appointments are booked online using OneDoc’ online booking tool! By making your services more accessible and visible online, you can attract new patients and retain existing ones.

Finally, automating confirmation emails and SMS reminders can also be a good way of relieving your secretaries of tedious tasks.


Continue to grow your physiotherapy center(s)

You may already have ideas to develop your physiotherapy practice, such as implementing a growth strategy and exploring the possibilities of opening new practices in other towns or cantons. In Switzerland, almost a quarter of the population make regular appointments with physiotherapists. The market is awaiting you! Taking into account local demand and competition, you can consider opening new centers or expanding your existing ones, you are the writer of your own story!

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