How can you manage your medical centre efficiently with OneDoc? – The case of the Würenlos medical centre

Published on 16/02/2024

Efficient management healthcenter Würenlos with OneDoc

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Managing a doctor’s practice is not always easy. Between appointments, phone calls and treatments, time can quickly become scarce. Fortunately, there are digital tools that can help you and your team with your daily tasks.

In this article, you will learn how the Würenlos Medical Center with 8 doctors and 9 medical assistants efficiently manages over 150 patients per day with the help of OneDoc.


Put human contact back at the center of your practice thanks to digital technologies

Contrary to the prejudices that often circulate in people’s minds, digital tools are there to put people back at the center of medical care. They are there to make everyday life easier and simpler. By reducing time spent on tasks such as managing appointments, patient cards or phone calls, you as a doctor or medical assistant can concentrate on the essentials again: Your patients. And at the same time ensure better continuity of care.

This is all the more important when, as in the Würenlos Medical Center, the daily patient flow is relatively high.

A daily help for doctors’ practices

The Würenlos medical center near Baden is also familiar with these time savings. The practice, which opened in early 2023, relies on digital technologies to efficiently manage its staff of eight doctors and nine medical assistants.

Efficient management of the medical center Würenlos

The result is impressive: less than a year after the launch, more than 150 patients are being treated every day. Andrea Benz, Deputy Head Medical Practice Assistant, is convinced that digitalization has played a large part in these figures:

“Without OneDoc, we would have difficulty keeping up with the pace”.

The MPAs can save around 30 minutes a day on the phone. Time that they can spend on the center’s patients, for example, giving personal advice.

OneDoc is not the only digital solution that the center uses. In fact, Vitodata is used by the teams for internal administration. This software is synchronized with OneDoc. Appointments booked online are therefore displayed directly in the Vitodata agenda, allowing the center to manage everything from a single interface.

Do you use medical management software? OneDoc is compatible with more than 30 Swiss software ensuring automatic synchronization of appointments booked online. Discover the full list of our synchronized softwares.


OneDoc synchronizes with over 30 swiss medical softwares

Independence thanks to online appointment scheduling

In addition to reducing the workload for the team, patients also benefit. This is because they have more autonomy in managing their appointments and can easily book or cancel them, even at weekends and outside the center’s opening hours. The benefits of OneDoc have helped the medical center get off to a successful start.

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