Improving the management of your dental practice with online booking: The case of SmilePraxis

Published on 03/02/2024

Dentist and digital: opt for OneDoc online booking!

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If you’ve taken a look around the SmilePraxis website, you’ll have noticed that the dental practice is state-of-the-art. Attractive design, clearly presented information and the ability to book an appointment online. Alessia Genna, graduate practice manager and chief dental assistant at SmilePraxis, explains why she sees digital as a real opportunity and why her practice relies on OneDoc.


“Patients must be able to access information and offers from a dental practice quickly and easily”

Competition is fierce in the dental care field. In addition to that, organisation is complex and the administration can seem endless. These are just a few of the reasons why the SmilePraxis dental practice relies on digital tools:


“Digitalisation offers many advantages to our patients and the practice. We keep the patient’s agenda and medical history exclusively in digital form. When it comes to managing appointments, we also rely on the innovative digital online booking solution from OneDoc. I believe that patients today should be able to access information and treatment options from a (dental) practice quickly and easily. We also use digital tools for diagnosis and treatment. For example, we recently started working with a cone beam volume CT device, which allows us to take 3D images of the jaw.”


“We had to change something”: the decision to book appointments online with OneDoc.

It’s often when things don’t work out that change is called for. This was also the case for SmilePraxis when the dental practice decided to go digital:


“Initially, we were working with another service provider to book appointments online. Unfortunately, this provider didn’t offer an interface with our Aeskulap software. So we had to enter appointments manually twice. This made it much easier to make mistakes. Within the team, we realised that we had to change something. We needed another solution.

That’s how our supervisor finally learned about OneDoc. The solution is clear and easy to use. The training also went well. A member of their team took the time to explain the system to me, and then I gave instructions to the team. I think the way OneDoc works is very straightforward and everyone picked it up quickly.”

SmilePraxis uses our online booking solution for dental practices

Appointments booked online are automatically displayed in the dental practice’s software. For Alessia Genna and her team, it’s a relief.

OneDoc designed to be practical. Thanks to online booking, the patient’s details are already recorded in the system.

Online appointments: for every situation and treatment

SmilePraxis offers a wide range of dental treatments. Patients can book appointments online for a wide range of services: from acute pain to teeth whitening. Everything can be booked online and customised to suit the needs of the practice.


“We offer a wide range of dental treatments. Some treatments are available online. For those the duration can be easily estimated. Then, of course, there are more complex treatments, such as surgery. As this requires more coordination between different doctors so we don’t offer it online.”


A digital service appreciated by dental practice patients

Whether it’s the regular surveys carried out by the FMH or Alessia Genna’s personal experience in the dental practice, the conclusion is the same: patients want to be able to book appointments online!


“OneDoc is an excellent service for our existing and future patients. Anyone can book an appointment easily, quickly and from anywhere 365 days a year! The feedback is always positive. Patients aged between 20 and 50 enjoy using the online appointment booking service. For example, if a patient has pain at the weekend, they can book an appointment for next week Saturday. They don’t have to wait until Monday. This is very reassuring for them. In return, a service like this makes us more attractive as a dental practice to new patients.”

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