The benefits of video consultation for psychologists: An Interview with Maurine Stohr

Published on 01/02/2024

Consultation video adaptée pour les psychologue

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Video consultation is becoming more and more popular. Used by many patients in Switzerland, it is also appreciated by healthcare specialists for the simplicity it offers. Video consultations are especially beneficial in some medical fields, most notably mental health. Maurine Stohr, psychologist, accepted to share with us her use of video consultations as a mental health specialist.

Video consultation, a tailored solution for psychologists

While video consultation cannot directly treat physical symptoms, it is highly suitable for psychological conditions.


“I have cases of people with anxiety who can’t physically come to the practice. Being able to do the consultation at home, thanks to video consultation, is a big plus for them. It saves time and travel which is also a reason why some parents opt for this solution.

Offering this option opens up additional possibilities for patients. Our profession is evolving, life is speeding up and people can’t always make the journey to the practice. Video consultations offer a real alternative to “classic” consultations. The most important thing is to keep the human element at the heart of the relationship with the patient. The emotions and relationships in video consultations are not virtual. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s just as effective online, depending on what’s right for the patient.”


Easy and flexible

Video consultations offer greater flexibility for both patients and mental health specialists. The interface has been developed to be as intuitive and accessible as possible.


It’s so simple, it makes you want to use it! It’s easy to connect to the virtual consultation and the interface is a pleasure to use.

Video consultation also gives me greater personal flexibility. At the moment, I’m in an office outside the practice on Thursdays, and video consultation means I can still see patients. It also allows me to test whether I can open the practice for another day.”

Patients can easily book video consultations thanks to the “remote” tab on OneDoc, which allows them to search for video consultations without worrying about the physical localization of the specialist

Remote tab on

Optimal follow-up thanks to video consultation

Video consultations also make it easier to follow up with patients on a regular basis, especially when they are not close to the practice.


“I’ve had students who wanted to stay in touch with me, despite moving in another city. There are also people who don’t want a regular follow-up, but want to have a “one-shot” consultation. Finally, for some others, going to an practice is a step too far, an online consultation is less intimidating.

Although I generally recommend a face-to-face for the first appointment, the rest of the follow-up is perfectly suited to video consultations! The most important thing is how each person feels. For example, some people need to come to the practice because it offers a “safe space” for them. Others prefer a video consultation because they can book an appointment more quickly, or because they prefer to stay at home.”


To sum it up

In conclusion, Maurine Stohr reminds us that the use of video consultation, particularly in the field of mental health, is determined by the needs of the patient.


“Basically, there are no rules, it really depends on the person. In any case, the results and the essence of the relationship are there even online. The most important thing is to establish trust before getting results, and this bond is also possible through a screen. For some people it’s easier in the practice, for others it’s easier online.”

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