Neighborhood or walk-in pharmacies: How to stand out online?

Published on 10/04/2024

Neighborhood or walk-in pharmacies, which strategy to use?

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Pharmacies play a central role in Switzerland. They are often the first point of contact for patients. This central role is also acknowledged by new health insurance models, which offer pharmacy consultations as the first step in the treatment process. However, there are many different types of pharmacies. In this article, we’ll explore the distinctions between “neighborhood pharmacies” and “walk-in pharmacies”, as well as online strategies for highlighting their individual distinctiveness. Find out how to stand out in the competitive landscape of modern healthcare!

Walk-in pharmacies: Easily accessible care for all

As a walk-in pharmacy, you cater to a diverse audience who may not be familiar with you or your service.  Your patients may be travelers in a hurry, tourists or people looking for quick solutions to their medical needs. Convenience and speed are your strong points, and you can easily meet the needs of patients on the move.

Standing out online means capitalizing on your strategic location: you’re often situated in high-traffic areas, in order to be there when patients need you the most or when an unexpected condition necessitate a quick check-up.

For your online strategy, we invite you to offer easy-to-access services via digital platforms. Inform your potential patients about your services on your website or, if you have one, on your OneDoc account! This will give your patients a clear view and enable them to quickly and easily access the services they need (tests, check-ups, urinary tract infections, emergency contraception, video consultation, blood pressure measurement or any other service you offer).

In addition, offering online booking can help streamline your patient flow. Finally, services like mobile apps or medication delivery services can contribute to improving the customer experience and building loyalty among busy patients.


Neighborhood pharmacies: A pillar of the community

As a neighborhood pharmacy, you’re often seen by your patients as more than just a drugstore. Your patients choose to come to you for the personalized service and advice you provide or for the unique products you offer.

However, in a landscape where online services are gaining in popularity, you may be faced with a new challenge: how to maintain your presence in an ever-changing digital environment?

Adopting online strategies seems essential to staying competitive, and as pharmacy Bédat has already experienced, it’s not that difficult! Simply investing in a website or an online profile keeps you visible and informs your patients about your services. It also allows you to highlight the services that set you apart. Online appointment booking can help you better prepare care by allocating dedicated time to patients and anticipating certain needs, such as ordering vaccine doses. Finally, your loyal patients may agree to write a positive online review on your Google my Business page, for example. This will help others discover your pharmacy and your unique services.


Different digital strategies for complementary pharmacy services

Ultimately, whether you’re a neighborhood pharmacist keen to maintain a link with your local community or a healthcare professional looking to take advantage of online convenience, the key to success lies in adaptability and innovation. Neighborhood and walk-in pharmacies offer complementary services.

By understanding the specifics of your patient base and developing appropriate digital strategies, you can stand out in a competitive landscape and meet the changing needs of your patients, wherever they may be.

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