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Published on 16/02/2024

Reasons why Z-Lab chose online booking with OneDoc

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3 convincing reasons from ZetLab for switching to OneDoc!

Medical laboratories, such as the ones run by ZetLab, are essential pillars of the Swiss healthcare system. To meet their patients and clients need they run analyses in varied fields like clinical chemistry, haematology, immunochemistry, coagulation and microbiology. As they say:

“Laboratory work is of the utmost importance to doctors and plays a key role in making diagnoses.”

The team told us that a well-established system is essential to be able to process all requests. If you’re looking for solutions to simplify your and your team’s day-to-day work, this article is for you. Here are three of ZetLab‘s compelling reasons to switch to OneDoc if you run a medical lab.


1. Making appointments and referrals easier

Whether for your private patients or healthcare partners, the transition to online appointment booking can be a real benefit. Imagine simplifying the lives of your team members while making your services more accessible to all

At ZetLab, up to 70% of bookings have been made via OneDoc!

Easily welcome patients referred by your partners via our referral network. For example, a GP can book an appointment for a blood test with you, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. The exchange with your partners is simplified and centralized, which promotes optimal collaboration.

Patients also have the option of booking an appointment online, either directly on OneDoc or via a customizable widget on your website.

Management of the Z-Lab laboratories

2. A solution that is adapted to your needs and those of your laboratory

You are probably already using a digital system to manage your laboratory. It is therefore important that additional solutions can be added to this, otherwise, there is a risk of having to enter duplicate information and getting lost.

For efficient management, our solution adapts to your needs so that you are always up-to-date! Appointments made on OneDoc are synchronized with your existing management system, so you can centrally manage your appointments and everything related to the management of your laboratory.

Thanks to a good strategy and digital presence, the lab managed to exceed it’s expectations for its first year. Find out how OneDoc helped ZetLab with its launch thanks to online appointment booking.


3. A trusted partner in the digitalization of your laboratory

Benefit from a trusted partner, thanks to OneDoc.

“Our employees are very satisfied with OneDoc. Thanks to this tool, the entire team has a single overview and makes customer care much easier by saving time on administrative tasks.”

With seven years of experience, we are happy to count among our customers recognized laboratories such as Labo MGD, Unilabs, Z-point, Promed, LAB TO GO and Dr. Risch.

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