Supporting the digitalization of ophtalmologists in Switzerland: The successful story of Dr. Claudia Meier and Dr. Kaspar Schürch

Published on 16/02/2024

Erfolgreiche Digitalisierung der Praxis dank OneDoc

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A story of innovation and new beginnings is taking place in the heart of the vibrant center of Bern. Just five minutes from the train station, an ophthalmology practice has experienced a remarkable rebirth under the new management of Dr. Claudia Meier and Dr. Kaspar Schürch. With a refreshed vision and a commitment to modernity, both have embarked on a journey of digital transformation driven by OneDoc.


What has changed behind the scenes for this ophthalmology practice?

Imagine a world where making an appointment involved endless phone calls and paperwork. For Dr. Meier and Dr. Schürch, this was once a reality. But with the advent of digitization, they saw an opportunity to streamline the process and reach a wider audience. Their partnership with OneDoc became the mainstay of this transformation, providing not only efficiency but also a bridge to new opportunities.

Erfolgreiche Digitalisierung Augenarztpraxis Bern dank OneDoc

From reactive to proactive: a new era of patient engagement

Beyond the convenience of making appointments online, OneDoc has paved the way for deeper patient engagement and improved communication. Dr. Meier and Dr. Schürch found that their patients, both young and old, appreciated the ease and accessibility of making appointments online. But it didn’t stop there – optimally synchronized with their practice management software, OneDoc became the hub of their daily operations, allowing them to focus on what really matters, providing exceptional care.

OneDoc’s promise: intuitive software and dedicated support

The transition to digital solutions can be intimidating, but for Dr. Meier and Dr. Schumacher, it’s no problem. Dr. Meier and Dr. Schürch’s journey has been smooth thanks to OneDoc’s user-friendly interface and unwavering support. With OneDoc by their side, they have not only found a software platform, but also a trusted partner committed to their success.

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